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Even hospitals that say they don’t allow babies to wear clothes till they get out of the incubator have accepted use of this NICU hospital gown right away due to it’s super open design

This is a NICU approved kimono style hospital gown. It opens down the center and across the shoulder seams so your Preemie Baby can be placed in with minimal disturbance.

This Micro Preemie clothing is also available in larger sizes. All of our Preemie and MicroPreemie clothes are made from 100% cotton and pre-washed for your baby’s safety. Cozy warm flannel will aid your littlest one in temperature regulation.

I can say from personal experience that being able to dress your preemie in the hospital goes a long way towards a parent’s peace of mind during those very stressful NICU days.

Choose any pattern you see and I’ll make one right away. I have stock of most patterns already made in size Small for rush deliveries.

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S- Micro Preemie 0-3, M- Preemie 3-5 Lb, L- Termie 5+ Lb, XL- Newborn 7-10 Lb


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